4150 Stinger Plate Conversion

Nitrous Outlet - 4150 Stinger Plate Conversion

New Design. Nitrous Outlet is proud to introduce the 2nd generation Stinger plate for 4150 and 4500 flange carbureted style intake manifolds. The Stinger II has a larger conical cone than the previous version and is based off of the same technology as our nitrous Puck and is capable of delivering up to 600 horsepower of fuel and nitrous.

Precise Atomization. The Stinger plate has a large unique cone shaped “stinger” that protrudes from the bottom portion of the plate into the center of the intake throat. Each Stinger has 15 discharge ports for nitrous and 15 discharge ports for fuel. The 15 atomized plumes of nitrous and fuel exit from the center of the stinger into the intake plenum in a 360 degree pattern completely saturating the air intake charge as it enters the intake plenum for even distribution.

Construction. The Stinger plate is CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum, has a black anodized body, red anodized stinger and is CNC engraved with the Nitrous Outlet logo and fuel/nitrous ports.

Plate Conversion. This package includes the 2nd generation 4150 Stinger plate, gasket, and 50-600 HP jetting.*To Flow 600 HP out of this plate you need the .178 orifice “Trashcan” nitrous solenoid, and a .310 fuel solenoid.

 Application. This plate will fit any single plane, carbureted or EFI 4150 flange intake manifold.

  • Item #: 00-44501
  • Manufacturer: Nitrous Outlet

4150 Stinger Plate Conversion

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