.310 Orifice Fuel Solenoid

Nitrous Outlet - .310 Orifice Fuel Solenoid

Race Proven. Nitrous Outlet solenoids are engineered to offer maximum performance and reliability. These solenoids can be found on thousands of racing applications and have been used in world record setting track cars and daily drivers alike.

Heavy Duty. This unit is machined from durable stainless steel and uses heavy duty 14 gauge wire to help withstand a healthy beating. The internal coil is encapsulated in epoxy for moisture protection and a rubber o-ring helps shield the unit from debris.

Bottom Exit. This solenoid has a 1/4in side inlet, and a 1/8in bottom exit. The bottom exit port is ideal for plumbing direct port systems using rails and distribution blocks alike.

Application. This fuel solenoid is capable of supporting up to 500+ horsepower and should be used for nitrous systems spraying 500HP and above.

  • Item #: 00-50006
  • Manufacturer: Nitrous Outlet

.310 Orifice Fuel Solenoid

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