.178 Nitrous Solenoid

Nitrous Outlet - .178 Nitrous Solenoid

Flow 600+ HP of Nitrous. This solenoid has a 1/4" NPT inlet and exit allowing for maximum nitrous flow. If you are looking for huge horsepower from your nitrous setup this solenoid will meet and exceed your power goals.

Race Proven. Nitrous Outlet solenoids are engineered to offer maximum performance and reliability. These solenoids can be found on thousands of racing applications and have been used in world record setting track cars and daily drivers alike

Application. This solenoid is capable flowing 600+ horsepower of nitrous and is designed for use with high power applications looking to spray several hundred horsepower. This solenoid has a 1/4" NPT inlet, 1/8" NPT bottom exit, and a 1/8" NPT purge port.

  • Item #: 00-50011
  • Manufacturer: Nitrous Outlet

.178 Nitrous Solenoid

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