0-15psi Fuel Pressure Gauge

Nitrous Outlet - 0-15psi Fuel Pressure Gauge

Easy to Monitor. The white face of this gauge is easily visible during the day and glows bright in the dark so you can keep an eye on your fuel systems pressure at night. Your vehicles fuel pressure is an essential part of the proper function of your nitrous system.

0 to 15 PSI. This gauge measures 0-15 PSI and has large dial indicators to easily read your fuel systems PSI rating.

Application. This low pressure fuel system gauge has 1/8in port that can be attached directly to the bottle valve accessory port or to a manifold. You can select a manifold that matches your specifications above.

  • Item #: 00-63003
  • Manufacturer: Nitrous Outlet

0-15psi Fuel Pressure Gauge

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