Hot Water Bath Nitrous Bottle Warmer

Nitrous Outlet - Hot Water Bath Nitrous Bottle Warmer

Precision Temperature Control. This unit is used by hardcore racing enthusiast to heat the bottles by submerging them in water and using the electronic control module to dial in an exact temperature. This is the most precise method of heating a bottle to a specific pressure rating.

Heavy Duty. This unit is made from heavy gauge TIG welded aluminum and is powder coated for long lasting oxidization protection. The edges have a thick rubber coating to prevent scratches to bottles and a thick aluminum handle divides the unit into two sections.

Application. This bottle bath will heat almost any size bottle and is meant for racer who needs to heat several bottles. This heater does not operate inside the vehicle, unit must be plugged into a standard 110V outlet to operate.

110-120 VAC
1500 Watts
14 AMP Max Draw
4 Gal Max Capacity
  • Item #: 00-64002
  • Manufacturer: Nitrous Outlet

Hot Water Bath Nitrous Bottle Warmer

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