Aluminum Female AN Weld Bung

Aluminum Female AN Weld Bung

Phenix Industries is a US manufacturer of performance automotive aftermarket products. Our goal is to design higher quality, better performing, and affordable fluid control products for use in the automotive, racing, and hydraulic industries.

Size -4 Size 7/16-20 PN: D90434

Size -6 Size 9/16-18 PN: D90656

Size -8 Size 3/4-16 PN: D90875

Size -10 Size 7/8-14 PN D91087

Size -12 Size 1-1/16-12 PN: D91211

Size -16 Size 1-5/16-12 PN: D91613

  • Item #: PHX-D9XXXX
  • Manufacturer: Phenix Industries

Aluminum Female AN Weld Bung

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