Racepak OBDII Module


Taking advantage of the convenience, speed and variety of information available from the modern day OBD2 port, Racepak’s OBD2 module offers a convenient and cost effective method of obtaining OBDII information for use with Racepak’s V-Net data logger and display products.

When utilized with any of Racepak’s V-net series data loggers (IQ3, G2X, G2X Pro, V300SD, V500) OBD2 data can be recorded downloaded and graphed the same as standard external sensors.

When paired with one of Racepak’s display only digital dash products (IQ3, UDX) the OBD2 module suddenly provides the perfect Performance Instrumentation solution for OBDII equipped vehicles. 

Utilizing Racepak’s exclusive V-Net (canbus) technology, installation is as simple as plugging the OBD2 connector into the vehicle OBDII port followed up by connection of V-Net T connector (originating from the opposite end of the OBD2 module) into the single V-Net cable routed to either the Racepak data logger or display dash.

Upon command, the OBD2 module will “auto-detect” all available OBDII sensor information. Upon detection, the user may then select up to 20 total OBDII sensor inputs for logging/display purposes. Installation, detection and programming takes just minutes, enabling the customer to record/display data in a short period of time.


  • User prompted “auto-detection” of OBDII sensor inputs
  • Up to 20 total OBDII sensor inputs may be recorded/displayed
  • Compact design allows for discrete, simple installation on stock vehicle

Technical Specifications:

  • 2” x 3.750” x .875” (5.08cm x 9.52cm x 2.22cm)
  • 11.5 ounces

OBDII Protocols Compatibility:

  • CAN (ISO14229, ISO15765-4 (also known as KWP2000 over CAN) - 500 kbps
  • ISO9141 - 10.4 kb
  • J1850 (VPW) - 10.4 kb
  • J1850 (PWM) - 41.6 kb
  • ISO14230 (KWP2000) - 10.4 kb


  • Item #: 230-VM-OBDII
  • Manufacturer: Racepak

Racepak OBDII Module

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