79-93 Mustang Carbon Fiber Wing

1979-1993 Mustang Carbon Fiber Wing

Carbon Fiber Wings, fit 1979 - 1993 Ford Mustangs - Coupe and Hatchbacks. Will fit convertible as well. Much more rigid than an aluminum wing, and very light - 35% lighter than competitors aluminum wings. These wings are 14” Long.

This wing, spill plates, and wickerbill only weigh 5.5lbs!

We've tested these wings in our own X275 car at 200+ mph, and 160+ mph in the 1/8th mile. These are available completely finished and ready for installation. No need to paint.

  • Item #: HYP-CFCPE7993
  • Manufacturer: Hyperformance Motorsports

79-93 Mustang Carbon Fiber Wing

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