Racepak V300 / V300SD Mount Bracket

RACEPAK V300 / V300SD MOUNTING BRACKET (Also fits Racepak G2X)

This Billet Aluminum Bracket will mount your Racepak V300 or V300SD to roll cages and roll bars.

1.25" Roll Cage Mount (800-MB-V300-125)
1.50" Roll Cage Mount (800-MB-V300-150)
1.625" Roll Cage Mount (800-MB-V300-1625)
1.75" Roll Cage Mount (800-MB-V300-175)

Will also work with Racepak G2X Data Loggers.

  • Item #: 800-MB-V300-XXX
  • Manufacturer: Racepak

Racepak V300 / V300SD Mount Bracket

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